Little Hydration Packs

Episode 9 · August 10th, 2018 · 58 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

After 30,000 miles traveled, 14 ministry events spoken at, the writing of one book of Lenten reflections, and weekly Bible studies at their parish, Katie and Tommy take a few minutes (58 to be precise) to reflect on the ministry in Summer 2018, unpacking how a lot of times we can become attached to the "highs" of a ministry event or conference and never want to return back to the normal ordinariness of a daily faith life. When an event is over, re-entry into daily life can be difficult, and re-integrating into life with this new zeal for the faith can become nothing more than a nice idea instead of an actual transformation.

How do we "come down the mountain" and "walk through the valley" after a moving conference, powerful retreat, life-changing camp, or even just a weeknight Bible study at the parish?

What must we do to walk through the valley of normal life and walk with Jesus day by day?

Also, why is saying Michael Cain's name repeatedly so darn fun?

This week, contribute to an ongoing discussion about ways to re-integrate after a profound faith experience by chatting with other "Electric Wafflers" (what we affectionally call our listeners) here.

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